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We deal in active and passive components like Microcontrollers, Logic ICs, Transistors, Diodes, LEDs, Capacitors, Resistors, Glass & Ceramic Fuses, MOVs, NTC Thermistors, Mosfets, IGBTs, LCD/LED Displays, SMPS , DC-DC modules Connectors, etc.
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Welcome to Electrovalley​

We are specialized in the field of distribution of Electronic components, Active, passive and electro-mechanical components. We are committed for Long-term business along with customer satisfaction.

Our higly skilled Marketing & Sales Team supports our clients to fulfill their requirements.

We support our customers from Design stage to Production stage, which helps them to complete their Design quickly so that Customers can Launch their robust products in market in time.

Our strong sourcing team make sure to support our customer to supply genuine components from our Authorized lines and to support our customers from Authorized channel partners.

Focused Segments


Consumer Products

Lighting Products:
Bulbs, Battens, Panel Lights, Street Lights, Smart Lights

White Goods:
BLDC Fans, Water coolers, Smart Switches, Water Purifiers


Agriculture Products

Electric Fencing, Auto switches, Timers, Counters, Temperature Controller, Solar Pumps.


Industrial Automation:

VA Meters, Data Loggers, AC Drives, SMPS, Elevators, Weighing Scales, IoT Products


Automotive Products:

Vehicle Tracking systems, BMS, EV Drives, Chargers

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