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Hi! We are Electrovalley

Welcome to ElectroValley – Your Premier Partner in the Indian Electronic Industry

As a subsidiary of our parent company established in 2017, ElectroValley quickly rose to prominence in 2021 as the trusted partner for the Indian Electronic Industry. Recognized as a leading electronic component supplier and technology solution provider, we seamlessly adapt to the dynamic shifts in market trends and evolving requirements.

Specializing in both active and passive components, our extensive product range encompasses Microcontrollers, Logic ICs, Transistors, Diodes, LEDs, Capacitors, Resistors, Glass & Ceramic Fuses, MOVs, NTC Thermistors, Mosfets, IGBTs, LCD/LED Displays, SMPS, DC-DC modules, Connectors, and more.

Our forte lies in sourcing semiconductor components from authorized suppliers, ensuring the highest quality and reliability. With a dedicated and qualified team, we empower our valued customers to expedite solution development, thereby reducing the overall time frame for product realization.

Choose ElectroValley as your trusted partner, where innovation meets reliability in the semiconductor distribution chain. Elevate your electronic endeavors with our comprehensive range of components and unparalleled support.

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Our Mission

To provide value-added services to our customers, bringing advantage to market, customers and supplier partners.


Leading Distributor of Electronic Components by offering technology Solutions.


Sustainable long term growth, strong business partnership and satisfied employees.